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A little more vibration than I'm used to ???


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My hands seemed to have a bit of a tingle/numbness when I got home from San Diego.

It was a relatively short ride 250 miles round trip, it seemed like the motor had a bit more vibration than usual.

I'm at about 15.5k, should I be worried ?? eek.gif

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Perhaps time for a TB sync? Actually, one of the reasons I sold my RT was due to the tingle plus the forward leaning position. The tingle can be minimized, but, mine never left. Good luck.

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Ted you went over to the "Dark Side" ??? tongue.gif


No this is something relatively new, I've done some 750+ mile days and haven't had a problem before ???


It did stall once in traffic driving up through Laguna, though it started right away.

It back fired twice on the way home while I was driving at slow speed ???

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I'm still getting used to my 99 RT. Even after a good TB sync, I get a buzz in the grips. The grips are hard rubber and I'm thinking of swapping to some of the "touring" grips that are hollow/ribbed and kind of arc to fit your palm. Seems like I've always gone back to these after trying all the other foam grips and stuff over the years.



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