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BBQ DOA in Wenatchee


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The PNW crew arrived in Wenatchee ready to trade greenbacks for pork backs at Dave's BBQ in Wenatchee. Alas Dave had troubles of some sort and with our stomachs grumbling all set off across the river for Mexican food.


A few pics of the day; I'm sure others will post more interesting shots.


Arriving in Seattle



Pat(USAF1) and Jeff(Batsquatch) waiting for grub in Wenatchee



The only pig we saw yesterday



Heading home along Hyw.2 with no cars in site clap.gif


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It was a blast to reconnect after a long winter and spring and meet some new riders from around the state clap.gif


Out of the 15 or so bikes present 5 (!) were the new generation K bikes--we really *are* the NW Hoons!


Four new bikes were due to crashes within the last year frown.gif Pat's (USAF1) K1200LT; Mike_F's R1200GS; Ken55's K1200S; Wade's (Kitsap) R1200RT.


Pat (USAF1) and Kitsap



Carlos and Darrel (Slowflyn)






Rod (Mr_Yuk) and Julie's new bikes. Proving no garage is complete without two of these!



Doug Quinnell arrives on his 'classic' K. I'll always love the K1200RS


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Looks like fun! I especially liked that picture on US2 -- brings back some great ride memories for me thumbsup.gif



Chris (aka Tender Vittles )

Little '77 KZ400 in the Big Apple

Black '99 RT for Everywhere Else, such as ...


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Hello, Just wanted to write that I had a great time on this ride. The weather was beautiful as was the scenery ( when it wasnt streaming into a blur smile.gif - Too bad the Q wasnt ready but the alternative was good. Carlos and I took Highway 2 home for some enjoyable scenerary through Tumwater Canyon. The volume of water coming down was powerful and impressive to say the least. Wish I had some pics. As usual I wished I had had more time to chat with everyone. Good to see familiar faces and get to know some new folks. Looking forward to seeing everyone at John Day. What a great Saturday trip. Cheers! Ken

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It sure was good to see everyone again. The disappointment at not getting the BBQ was way overshadowed by all the great people. Besides, the Mexican food was really good. Didn't get to talk with enough folks, though. What a great group, and it keeps changing and still stays great. Missed Doc and Reed and Fasterpill and Steve K and Steve R and ... though. How does Pat (USAF1) take great pictures while he is riding? Does he hold the camera in his teeth? Doug, have a great sabbatical this summer! Everyone have a great time at John Day.

Rod & Julie

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OK, Rod, now I'm extremely green with envy!!!! Someday the new K12GT is on my list, but meanwhile life is extremely good. Got our house on the market, but as I was cleaning and packing this weekend I was thinking of you's guys and the rides/fellowship I was missing.


See you guys at Chief Joseph, I hope!!

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A great day even without BBQ. thumbsup.gif

Doug Quinell and I rode back on Hwy 2, absolutely gorgeous going through Tumwater Canyon. A brisk pace, and Doug didn't even make me stop once for a picture opp! dopeslap.gif


Can't wait for John Day! cool.gif

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re: V-Strang:


Doug Quinnell arrives on his 'classic' K.


LOL, at least the tires were brand new (even if the bike and most definitely dopeslap.gif the rider are not)


Nice job on the pix Mike, thanks for taking and posting them !



re: Das Gaulston


"Doug Quinnell and I rode back on Hwy 2, absolutely gorgeous going through Tumwater Canyon. A brisk pace, and Doug didn't even make me stop once for a picture opp!"


Nooooo time for a photo-op trying to keep your tail light somewhere in sight wink.gif


Glad we didn't have to stop-op with the WSP given some of the peak velocities eek.gif



re: the rest of y'all


Thanks for being there !!!


Viva John Day clap.gif





LOL, there must be something we can make out of Dave's being closed at high noon on a Saturday ... bombard their mailbox with PETA literature and organic tofu catalogs ?!? Tell the local HD clan Dave offers free grub to Milwaukee Iron every Sat. 12:00 sharp or ?!? wink.gif




Also need to offer a belated but well deserved "Thanks" (and Happy Birthday !) to Mike F for getting the ball rolling on this !

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Awwwwwww maaaaaaaaaaan......did somebody snitch on me?? grin.gif OK....am at work right now...but will try to post some of the shots I did on the way up...and back....this afternoon....



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