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I want to wire this centech fuse panel...but WHERE


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I have an accessory wiring question about best options when wiring an aftermarket (centech) fuse panel.


My bike (2005 RT) does not have a rear accessory plug from te factory. However, in the rear of the bike (under pillon) there is a connector taped to the wire bundle with a female end (two circular holes). Wires are brown and Green/Red (not red/white as I've read in posts here.)


Is this the read accessory connection that I can attach a fusebox to?

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The power for your fuse panel should go directly to the battery via a heavy gauge (12 AWG should suffice) wire and should probably be fused at somewhere around 20 amps. If the fuse panel has an on board relay, you should get the power from a switched 12 volt source, I wouldn't use the code plug connector for this but rather, probe the factory fuse box to find which of the fuses runs from a switched output and then piggy back the wire from there. If no relay in the panel, you can install your own using a similar scheme. On the older bikes, you could pirate the tail light signal but I am unsure that the Canbus system would like that.

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My accessory plug in the rear of my '05 R12RT is also brown and green/red wires. I would think those would work to switch your accessory relay on and off.

Note ED, this is NOT a code plug, but rather a dedicated accessory plug just for the install of the rear outlet that BMW does not supply anymore as "standard". crazy.gif


However, Illini here (Jeff Smith) has been having a bit of CANBus on-offs with his setup, which sounds like he wired just as you propose here. He does have a factory stereo, Baehr comm system and XM from what I recall.


As long as you are going to be back in the area of that plug, I would suggest you DO put in a rear outlet (fused) straight to the battery (do not use the accessory plug off the CANBus circuit). It comes in very handy for charging the battery, and running high current devices. You could wire a circuit or two on you Centech right to battery hot for fusing could you not?


BTW, I'm off to do a bit o' electron routing myself on the scoot...bye.

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