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Three Crashes in as many hours!


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Went to watch an ERC. One student laid it over during the class. Brand new dressed out Harley. This was not too bad. Same student went to park in front of classroom after the class was over, he dropped it again. He could not pick it up. Too big and heavy for him. Felt bad for him and not sure if he got his certificate or not.

Its a ten minute ride home from there and a kid on a Ningia passes me in a passing zone no traffic present. He switches back into the lane very quickly but losses it. Not sure what happened but rear let loose and although he slowed to almost a stop he dropped it in the grass just off the road. I stopped to help and he was not very friendly. I offered to help him out of the ditch and he refussed. I waited until he was on his way again and to my surpsise he left with a quickness.

I think that if someone were to get cited by an officer for such reckless riding they should be required to go back through the beginer rider coarse as well as the fines and points on the license. The first guy I feel sorry for, the second was a reason that motorcyclist get a bad rap with the cagers.

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Teaching ERC or BRC you will see some very scary stuff that makes you wonder why some people want to ride.

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I have never gone through ERC. As an instructor and Motorscout you can answer a question for me. I saw only a portion of the class. Is there any thing that the class teaches that would not be covered in Motorscout school? I was thinking about it just as a refresher type thing but did not want to waste money on it.

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