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Mounting new Garmin Quest with RAM mount.


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Yesterday I received my new Quest. What a cool toy. I ordered 2 RAM mounts, and it was quick and easy to mount the RAM to my KLR. Works like a champ! Nice and high and in my field of vision. Very easy to read, and surprisingly, no vibration.


However, things are not going so rosy with the RT. frown.gif


My left mirror hole is filled with the switch for my HID's. The right mirror hole could work, but what kind of thread is it? Nothing I got wants to thread in there. Could it be left-hand-thread?


I have the RAM mount with the u-bolt for 7/8s round bars. Is there a way to make any of this fit my RT. I'm leaving for Alaska in 2 weeks, and don't have much time for getting in some more bits.


Anybody overcome this little problem? confused.gif

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Could it be left-hand-thread?
No, left-hand threads are only used on left side mirrors on bikes, so they tighten in the wind, not loosen.


Not that, that helps you much! Off to the hardware store to buy a handful of different metric bolts to figure out the thread.


Of if it was me, and I didn't think I'd ever use the hole for an actual mirror, I'd be tempted to drill and re-tap it for what I needed.

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