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'04 R1150RT dies without warning

Tim Yip

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Hi. I just got back a trip to Hyder, Alaska. Twice on the trip, the bike simply quit. On both occasions, it happened right after starting the bike after it had been sitting for a couple of hours and riding about one block. Then the bike died. No warning. I hit the starter - nothing - no power. I hit the starter another coouple of times; again, nothing, no power. I hit the starter again and the bike starts, no problem.


Anybody else experience a similar problem??


Potential diagnosis?? Could this be a problem with the sidestand cut-out switch that prevents the bike from running in gear when the sidestand is down?





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Check the rider information display. Parts of it won't work if the bike is in gear and the sidestand swtich is at fault.


Could also be a failing kill switch.

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