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TomTom GPS


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Which one??!!?? TomTom "Go"? TomTom "Rider"? They have several other models as well. I've been looking at the TomTom line too and am much impressed by the "Rider" model. Pricey though.


Use the search engine on this site for some really thorough information about mototcycle GPS options/comparisons and general comments. Which GPS unit to use and why elicits more then a few opinions.


One bit of advice that has stuck with me is that I should look hard at the Garmins; so many riders use that brand I'd have almost unlimited resources to answer any questions. Makes sense to me but then I need all the help I can get around electronics.


Welcome to the board!!



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My .02 cent....I love the TomTom. I have one in my car and a PDA verison for business travel. (Directionaly challenged....) I have mounted my TomTom go to the RT with a Ram mount. To me the TomTom does everything better than the other ones. However, I am a simple person.

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I just sold the 2730 and I have owned the 2620 and the Magellan 700. Garmin is by far the best....I just wasn't using them that much. The big thing about Garmin that I like is the unit keeps track if trip and travel times, max speed, rolling speed ....it has a trip computer which I think none of the others do. This was big to me...and the main reason I like the Garmin.


Tom Tom Go 910....is a brand new unit that I just discovered...can't find much info on it though. Sounds like a great unit though. Sams Club has the Tom Tom 700 for $595....great price.

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I bought a tom tom rider and have found it to be very easy to use the bluetooth works very well with the supplied helmet headset.I have also purchased the new car adaptor kit for the rider which is very handy and you just slot your rider out of the bike cradle and into the car cradle.

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Here's my deal, iu won an EBAY auction for a NEW TomTom rider, final price is 200.00(includes shipping)..the problem:Its from some guy in CHINA, and he wants the mone wired western union...also, all his feedbacks are positive ...but from UNVERIFIED ppl. and all they types was????????????????????????????...guy says hes gonna give me negative feedback if i dont reply, i replied saying I'd only pay by pay-pal..and input is appreciated...

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Run away. Send a copy of the correspondence to Ebay.


Please provide us a link to the auction in question.


And next time, don't bid on obvious frauds.



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I sold my Garmin 2610 and bought the Tom Tom Rider. I find it very easy to use and prefer it's display over the Garmin.

An added bonus is that is has bluetooth built in. I have the BMW bluetooth kit installed in my BMW System 5 helmet and the Tom Tom talks to it so I can hear all the directions given.

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lt8x7, did you have any trouble getting the TomTom to talk to the WCS-1? What's the audio quality like? Any other issues? Have you tried routing a phone through the TomTom and receive through the helmet as well?


This is a setup I am interested in and is a far cheaper solution than the BMW Nav III.





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I am in the market myself for a GPS and I keep coming back to the Garmin 2730. It has everything you could possibly want plus (and for me a huge plus) it has XM radio. Currently for my RT I run my IPOD through my Autocom (I bought the bike without the radio) and with the addition of the 2730, I will have XM radio and XM traffic alerts that pop up on the map and suggest re-routes. I already have an XM account for my car radio so to add another unit on to the account is something like $5 a month. Don't see how I can beat it.

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2730 is a great unit if you use all the extras. the problem I had was that it had to be hard wired because it doesn't have a battery. That one reason got me over to the Tom Tom C340. Costco has 'em at $489...great unit...long lasting battery....voice commands. Their 910 has all the rest of the goodies.

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Well, I'm making due with my OLD (circa 2000) Map410 for one simple reason: I flat out want a Garmin Zumo next month (or so). Yes, the 2xx0 series of Garmins would probably work fine for me, and for the longest time I wanted a TomTom, but if the Zumo ends up being 80% of what I feel it should be according to the advertised specs, I'll be completely happy with that decision. (It does have a 3 hour lithium-ion battery). I have to admit, I was sorely tempted to get the 2730 at Costco.com last month, and I really could have used it this past week, but hey, how could I turn down a panacea? smile.gif


(And I did get a really good ride out of the "mistake" I wouldn't have made with a 27x0.)


That's my take on things, but I've never heard a negative word from a Tomtom owner. (Other than their updated maps are REALLY expensive for the 700).


The c340 wouldn't work for me because it's not waterproof...

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