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2018 K1600GT Saddlebags

rounder jim

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rounder jim

In very good condition. I would say excellent except that the left bag used to have my BMW mileage award attached to it. If you look closely at the picture you"l see the darker round spot and 2 small plastic caps covering the screw holes.  That bike was totaled while the bags weren't on it. That's why they are for sale. Yes they will fit RT's also. The bags are located with me in central Florida. I think someone buying them would want to pick them up as shipping costs would make them much more expensive. Asking $700 for the pair. I would consider splitting the pair for the right price.





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rounder jim

oooop's forgot to include my e-ail address in the ad for the bags. jrostron1955@gmail.com

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Well, the good news is that you're able to post this ad.  :18:

Sorry for the loss of your bike and hope that was the worst of it.

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