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want the best road in that sorta part of the state?


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just thought i'd help the noobs!

make you way to 141 dolores canyon from whitewater (near junction) to ridgeway (via the dalas divide)

i've been on them all and this is the best ride period!!!

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I've ridden this loop numerous times, and it is not to be missed. 550 between Ouray and Durango has spectacular scenery, but there is often more traffic, too. Don't let that stop you. You will have to go slow at times due to large RV's and slow moving tourists, but you usually can get around them without much trouble. You might also have the right timing and have long stretches with very little traffic. On the other hand, the road from Cortez to Telluride has very little traffic, does not have the tight corners, and you can really move at a good pace. Also beautiful scenery, but not as spectacular as 550. The two roads compliment each other extremely well.


If you start early, you might have time to visit Mesa Verde for a short while. Cliff dwellings. Lots for restaurants in Durango and Cortez. Telluride is worth a visit if you have time, including riding to the end of the road after you go through town (not actually the end of the road, but rather the end of the paved road; GS-ers may keep on going).


This whole area is a blast. I really love the western range.


WARNING: Keep your speed down in and around Ridgeway. There is a very strong radar presence.

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