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New Marsee tank bag!


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Thought I'd report on the new Marsee "corona" tank bag. The mount that bolts to the gas filler ring on the RT is no longer a full "Corona" (crown) that completely encircles the gas fill opening. It is about 2/3 of the way "around" and is now black and less weird looking.


There are magnets in the receiver and on the breach lock fitting on the bottom of the bag.


On and off in literally 2 seconds, bag sits completely off the tank surface, and the tail end of it doesn't sag like similar bags (the mounting gizmo is centered on the the bottom of the bag).


"Bagless, the mounting bracket shows, but is not too obtrusive IMO, and no other parts flopping about.


I got the really small expandable one, suits me fine.


Expensive, but is a nice solution for the "plastic fantastic" RT and others that won't take the regular type of magnetic tank bag.

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Hansen's BMW, Medford, Oregon. I bought the only one they had in stock. They seem to be back ordered all over the place.

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Bought teh 11 liter a couple weeks ago in Tampa. Used it for the Rocket City Rally last week. A little small, especially the map window, but really convenient.


I'd like to also checkout sw motech bags - they have a teardrop quick release concept and a big map case option




major grip is Marsee is no longer made in USA, production is in China.

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Just purchased a marsee 19 litre strap-on. Works great on the R12RT rails. Electrified it with the Powerlet kit and now I'm a happy camper. Straps are cleanly installed, and believe it or not, the buckles line up with the snap windows on the rails, so I'm thinking of moving the straps to the underneath of the rails.. just need to find my torx wrench smile.gif


Try max bmw for marsee. sb

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One question, does the 17 liter fit the same ? or must yiu go with the 19 liter ?

Does size really matter ?



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Saw the bigger verison of this bag today when I picked up my K1200GT, considered replacing my BigMak Tankbag but you still have to set this bag "somewhere" when you fill-up. The Big-Mak just flips up and has never touched my tank.


If you want to take it with you just pull the velcrou strap and slide it off.

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The one I purchased was the Pocket Rocket 19L. It doesn't have any side or back external pockets which could impede controls, and it's very cleanly designed. It's a flat bottom bag, which sits at the very back of the rails without trying to 'fold' over the curve of the rails. It doesn't sit far enough back though to get in my way.


Straps go around the 'steering head' and on the back around the plastic square seat holder thingy just below the end of the rail system.


Only down side I can think of with this bag is that the map isn't visible with the silver rain cover on ( it doesn't have a window in it ).


Here's the comparable specs from the marsee website.


11L: 5" high (8" expanded), 8" wide, 11" long.

19L: 5.5" high (10" expanded), 9" wide, 13" long


I couldn't find anything on the 17L (?).sb

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