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Quest Question (Garmin that is)


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I picked up a remanufactured Quest last week and am enjoying it a lot. I did find the owners manual to be, not to be too hard on Garmin, lousy. I've managed to stumble onto most of what I need but I have several questions about the batteries. First, I can find nothing in the manual about how much to charge the batteries intially when the unit comes out of the box. I let it charge overnight and that seemed to work. Any recommendations on charging, e.g. let it drain completely, charge for 3 hours, etc.


Second, I can find no mention of an inidcator showing the current level of charge in the batteries. The manual shows a battery icon on the trip information page but it only describes the symbols for connected to power and charged and connected to power and charging. Anyone know if that same symbol changes to indicate the current battery level?

Thanks for any info,


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Yep, that battery symbol will indicate the approximate amount of charge. If it shows a lightning bolt through it, you are getting power from your bike.

The software and manual are not all that intuitive so read the manual several times.

I like my quest2 and service from Garmin was excellent when I had a problem with my initial Garmin quest2 smile.gif

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Thanks guys. Great site Dennis, that should cover a lot that the manual misses. Thanks again.




Your Welcome.

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