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Cedar Key Lunch January 21, 2023


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This years Cedar Key Lunch will be on Saturday, January 21, 2022 at a restaurant too be announced.

@Calvin (no socks) has volunteered to check out the place, that used to be the original restaurant (Frog Landings?) for the Cedar Key Lunch.

Their website claims they open at 11:00 AM and if the place gets "No-socks" approval, we should be meeting at 11:30 AM for lunch.

Historical @tallman and @Kinsley used to organize this event, but both are absent from the forum. Several members and I think it is a great event that should continue in future.

So join me (Bernie) and others for lunch at the sea side.

And don't forget to check back for the restaurant announcement.

PS: if you and your friends think you can make it , leave me a post here, so I can warn the restaurant about the invasion. :4617:

As for local motels for over night stays, check the postings from @tallman and @Kinsley, in the calendar section for more information.


Cedar Key XVI 2020 Post with lots of information













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It was the depths of a cold January in '22 and we all desparately needed a ride.


I remember that resturant from last year, Bernie.  Would't let us put the tables together, and vvvveeeeeeerrrrrryyyyy sssssssllllllllllooooooowwwww service.   But, they did have plenty of 'tude.  Really acted like they wished we hadn't come in.   There's a reason it was empty (see pics) and the big place couple of doors down (AND upstairs, too) was WEDGED.  Just my 2¢.  New management doesn't necessarily mean good management UNLESS.........., it's new from last year's management.


Other than that, I'M IN.  Now I really have to get somethin' runnin'.


Last year wbw and I rode down on Friday (to be sure we'd be on time for lunch), stayed at the Beach Front Hotel.  Best rates I could find, walking distance from "the strip", and on the water, the "beach" was maybe 2 feet wide there.  See Map below..  Might want to make sure it's still there after the hurricane.  Rooms were huge and management very accommodating (moved THEIR car so we could park under the roof).  But the whole town is like that.  Laid back in a proactive way.  "THE ONLY working fishing community left in Florida" say the pamphlets.  We rented a golfcart (THE local mode of trans, plenty of rentals), drove the whole island, every street, saw the museum and the airport.  Saw the tree Nikki had planted.  And all the little restuarants we thought about but didn't go to.  Spent Sat nite there, too, and had breakfast at Annie's Cafe on the way out Sun morning, a small, rustic cafe for locals mostly, great service and very reasonable $. Then I-75 all the way home.  Doing it again, don't care if it snows all the way down and rains the whole time til we ge back.






The locals sit at the big table, tourists at the two tops.  Really 0.5 tops.  But the food and coffee were good!!



We we actually bought breakfast for some homeless guy hanging around there and got the good deed for the day over with early.  Said he street name was "stickyfingers" or something thereabout.




This is clearly a political statement and I saw right thru it.






All the pics here:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/Y84zefAJXuJ7VZwx6

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  • Bernie changed the title to Cedar Key Lunch January 21, 2023

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