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For all you that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a great day with great food.  If you are traveling....travel safely

I usually have 2 birds.  One is roasted and the other deep fried.  I know Richard knows what I'm talking about.  This year we decided to do something different.  We had a ton of folks over last year and it was just overwhelming....So this year we are going to an English Pub in Houston for lunch.  Thirty three years ago was my first Thanksgiving away from the family.  I was working in London.  We had a nice dinner at a local pub in London, so thought this year we might do the same and recreate that memory. I placed an order for Shepherds Pie and some other things.  The wife ordered Banger and Mashed.  I don't know if Texas - British Food will be as good but what the heck.  Nothing to prepare and no mess to clean up.


I have no association with these folks and since I haven't been there, I'm not endorsing them, but if you are interested in what a Texas - British Pub might serve, here you go.  Any pointers from our friends across the pond are appreciated.


Houston's Best British Pub – Houston's Best British Pub (redlionpubhouston.com)

What are you having for lunch/dinner?

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to you and yours David, enjoy.


We not be doing any fried bird this year,.....straight pig for this event and bunches of side stuff.

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For about 35 years we went to the wife's family farms for the whole weekend of eating, hunting doves, hogs, and deer, hayrides, fireworks, softball, bouncy houses, bonfires, fishing, and socializing with 130+/- of her closest kin and all their young'uns.  Then that fell apart when the 3 heirs decided to sell the farm 5 years back.  We did TG dinner here for the Atlanta contingent of her family and mine for a couple of years.   We got tired of the whole thing, prep, cooking, cleanup, so for the last 3-4 years, we, our son, daughter-in-law, and both grandsons go to an "authentic" Mexican restaurant (you can tell they're authentic because they are the only ones open on Thanksgiving, and, "No se hablas Engles aqui") for tacos, encheladas and such.  The entire meal is less than $50 and no cleanup.  The wife and I will still cook a medium size turkey and have turkey sandwitches and soup for a week.  


Best Wishes to All for a Happy and SAFE Thanksgiving!!

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Kiley made Oreo Balls and chocolate chip cookies. The kid has a knack for keeping me fat! :rofl: I do prefer steak over turkey. :dontknow:




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It will be fish-n-chips with mushy peas for me this year.


Enjoy and be Thankful!




EDIT:  I just found out that tonight will be Cottage Pie with peas.   The fish-n-chips and mushy peas will be for tomorrow.   Best of both worlds, eh?



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We had a nice lunch with in-laws but had a charge on my bill iVe never seen. It was labeled non-alcohol tax $5.31. Wish I had seen it before I got home. I guess the Brits frown on eating an expensive meal without liquor. It also had the credit card fee.   Still it was fun and good. 

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15 hours ago, Skywagon said:

It was labeled non-alcohol tax $5.31. Wish I had seen it before I got home. I guess the Brits frown on eating an expensive meal without liquor.

You should of asked to see an expensive bottle of something and then toss it into a pool of water! :spittake:

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Well, this Thanksgiving was just my wife and I, and we were entirely OK with that.  Our kids at several geographic locations across the USA were spending time with family there, so we were pretty happy campers overall.


We had decided to make her Chicken Enchiladas from a left over Costco $4.99 roast chicken we bought for dinner early (and frozen), and have steak and BBQ shrimp this year (again, it's easy stuff, just for two people).   Well, come Thursday morning, we decided to go nuts on H'orderves, similar to what we used to do with two teenagers in the house, i.e. so they could snack all day long.   We had Shrimp cocktail, dip, carrots, olives, celery, some chips, too, just simple stuff really.  We sat and watched "It's a wonderful life" on TV (we used to watch "White Christmas", but someone in the family must have lifted our DVD, and we were too cheap to pay $3 for an Amazon rental. 😁), and munched, and munched, and ....


When it was time to cook dinner, we were stuffed, so we pushed the steak off until today.  I just had leftover enchilada for lunch, my wife is still munching on shrimp, I'm still pretty full, so we'll see if we get to those steaks or not.  🤣🤣🤣


Happy Thanksgiving, y'all (including @chrisolson).  Hope y'all had a great one.  God bless.

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