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Best Tire for Two Up Riding?


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As most of my riding (roughly 75%) is done two up, my original set of Continental Road Attack tires lasted me all the way up to my 6000 mile service. smirk.gif


(actually, the front is still rideable, but the rear is done)


Anyone have suggestions for a tire that might be more suited for two up.


Machine is '06 12RT.

Combined weight of 'two' = 325.




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6000 is about all I can get out of the Pilot Roads...They stick pretty good...


2 up 60% of the time R1200RT......with bad shocks...



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Metzeler ME880's are the high-mileage tire of choice, if they're available for the 1200, you should be able to eke 10,000 miles two-up out of them.

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On my R1150RT, I've been running ME-Z4B. The "B" section apparently has a thicker wall section on the front tyre for larger touring bikes.


I got 18,000km (11,250 miles)from one pair and I can't ask more than that.

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Metzeler ME880's are a great tire with deeper tread depth than most. Most of my riding is 2up and my Dunlop D205's lasted 8k (rear) and I then replaced both front and rear with ME880's. I ran 40/42 pressures on the 205's and also 40/42 on the ME880's.

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