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Helmet speakers for my Arai Quantum


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Greetings --


I'm looking for helmet speakers for one audio device (radar detector). There are lots of vendors (AutoCom seems to be the top vendor) that sell helmet speakers, so I was just looking for some good reviews.


Also -- what are you thoughts using velcro to hold in the speakers? Is it better to remove the liner and install the speaker from the inside (seems like a better choice)?


Any information is appreciated.




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I've installed Chatterbox speakers in my Arai Quantum F. I later removed them and installed Starcom speakers.


In each case, I installed them under the liner, but sans velcro (it's really not needed). There are a couple of good voids in the shell that make a great place to put the speakers. They may not be perfectly centered on my ears, but the music/speech sound quality has been acceptable through foam ear plugs for the past 3 years. Even better, I can't even tell they're there. There's no pressure on my ear cartilage.

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Quantum E user with Autocom speakers.

Easy to install. The velcro on the back of the speakers allows them to be stuck on the outside of the helmet liner. No problems with them pulling loose as they are tucked in the recesses.

Some pics of my install HERE

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