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2006 49er Rally

SNC 1923

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Went to the 49er rally again this year. This is the second time in two years, the third time in 20 years. I had a good time, as usual, meeting cool people, camping out, and generally having fun. It was a sedate weekend but I managed to get in a few rides between there and back.




On the way, we stopped outside of Bishop to admire the CHP's newest ticket-machine. Hardly seems fair, does it?




We rode all the way up the 395, a beautiful highway, particularly past Bishop; however, we spent a great deal of time at construction stops and leading the way behind pilot vehicles.




All of the passes were closed, except 89, Monitor Pass, which we followed up to Markleeville for a rest stop. I had my first encounter with a bird on the way into town. I'll spare you the photo, but suffice it to say the bird didn't fare well and there was lots of blood. It was one of two birds who appeared to be mating. Can't help but think it was the male. A lesson in that, I'm sure.




We finally arrived at the rally on Thursday and saw some of the early arrivals, including this perenial favorite, the world's cleanest K-bike.




I was pretty impressed with the filigree work on the heads of this R90S.






Loved both of these bikes.




Jesse was one of the vendors on hand with these prototype bags designed to mount on the 1200GS Adventure. Though these are mounted on a standard GS, it was fitted with the Adventure's rack.




I liked this CL because it looks like Mickey Mouse.




Friday night there was a spaghetti feed to benefit the homecoming of Charlie Company. After dinner, we cruised the campground checking out more people and bikes, including this 1200 GSA down from BC. He was running, and swearing by, ME880s, given that he was riding strictly pavement on this trip.




There was a fun speedway race on Friday night.




On Saturday we rode out on the 49 to check out some of the covered bridges. This one is the longest in the state of California.




This bridge was outside of Downieville, an inhabited ghost town (if there is such a thing). It has the dubious distinction of being the site of the hanging of a Mexican woman who was arrested for murder, tried, convicted, and hung all in the same day.




Here Danny, Kelly, and Sue are pulled over to contemplate the increasingly threatening skies. It eventually started raining pretty hard and we pulled over to don rainsuits.




We waited out this rainstorm, which was trying to be a snowstorm, in a Downieville eatery called The Grubbery, where we had a respectable lunch. In spite of trying to out-wait (or outwit?) the weather, we got rained on pretty good both on the way there and on the way back to camp.




Back at camp on Saturday afternoon, Danny and Sue show RJ, the founder of our club (#80), one of their two new F650s.




Sunday morning we rose at 5:00 a.m. to pack up and head on home by way of the 49.


It was a good rally, as always, and the folks at Norcal were the consumate hosts. Thanks to them for a good time.


Thanks for reading. If you want to see more pictures, click here.

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Sorry I missed running into you! My wife and I are local and went up for the day on Sunday.


Glad you enjoyed N. Cal. hospitality.


Thanks for sharing your trip! thumbsup.gif

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Sunday morning we rose at 5:00 a.m. to pack up and head on home by way of the 49.

You must be a southern CA transplant. laugh.gif

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Nice photos! I couldn't go this here because of work obligations, but your pix helped me enjoy the ride vacariously.


Steve in So Cal

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Thanks for a great Ride Tale and wonderfully photographed / presented pictures !


regarding " ....the CHP's newest ticket-machine"




OK ... bear with me now ... isn't CHP sometimes known as "Chips" and, if so, are those not giant *chips* being advertised on the nearby trailer ? dopeslap.gif

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Sorry to have missed you!


I had a great time though for some reason, didn't really spend a lot of it

down in vendorville...except to talk to AZ Al. I did see the English Trials.




This guy did pretty darn well. I guess he'd have to since he helped with the

course smile.gif










All in all, a nice relaxing time.






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Sorry to have missed you!


I had a great time though for some reason, didn't really spend a lot of it

down in vendorville...except to talk to AZ Al. I did see the English Trials.




Missed out on all of that. Thanks for the cool pics. We need to set up a meet n' greet for forum members at the next rally or get-together. . . .

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darn, I just gotta get to that rally some year !


Tom, great pics and tale. I 'll pay more attention to the 49er date next year.


Ian, great pics as well, especially like the last "twilight" one.


Thanks both for posting.

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Sorry we didn't run into or recognize you guys. We to went to Downieville for lunch and enjoyed the festive rain. All in all had great time at the rally. Think I might have seen Timmer but wasn't sure. Trials were neat and the Concourse de Everybody was fun. Next time maybe we can set up a meet for BMWSTers.

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