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Loose clutch lever


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So, doing a bunch of general maintenance on the bike after returning from a 3200 mi east coast ride, including the 2022 FART, I noticed my clutch lever ('08 K12S, bought used) had considerable amount of up and down play, and overall just felt loose. Dealer looked it up and said there was a pivot pin bushing, $11 and change, so I ordered it.
Last night popped the lever out. Pin looked fine. Lightly clamped lever in vise, used new bushing to tap out old bushing. Reinstalled lever. Total 10 min job even if you take a coffee break.

Holy S**t !!! World of difference! Night and day! Doesn't even feel like same bike!

One of those things you don't notice the ever so slight decline, but when refreshed makes a major difference.

One of the best $11 and 10 min install I've spent!!

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