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Memorial Day ride to Morehead KY.


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First I'd like to start off with a bit of history here. This trip pretty much came out of no where on friday evening the 26th of May. I was originally supose to head home to Erie Pa for the Holiday but after the work week, or month, that I've had I just wanted a few days for little ol' me. So instead of dealing with who knows what kind of traffic on saturday going home, tuesday coming back, and only two full days to enjoy there, I stayed home. I wanted to just relax and do none stressful things for a few days to escape every day life. The bad news is I had to go to work tuesday, the good news is my plan for having a great weekend paid off in a big way.


Friday I was on an online chat (IRC for the geeks at heart), and I was talking to a good buddy of mine who lives in Charleston WV. He said he wasn't busy on monday, and I knew I wasn't so I made the suggestion to meet up on monday. Actually so did he, and he got approval from the wife! So we began to plan out this trip and decided to meet in Morehead Ky. It's half way for both of us. We then planned out some routes that we'd take and his friend gave us a whole bunch of idea's to go with too. We ended up agreeing on going around Cave Run Lake, just west of Morehead.


Here's a map of what I rode. quick guide is to start at about 12pm and go clockwise.




So monday finally comes around. I've been waiting for this all weekend. I get up, eat breakfast, get all my stuff together pack up and head out a few hairs after 9am. Make a quick trip to the bank, and decide to hold off on gas. My ride consisted of riding down I71 through cincinnati down I471 to Alexandria KY, across AA (double a) HWY. Well me being me, I thought my turn was BEFORE Route 68 in Maysville KY, so I thought I missed something, little did I realize my turn was 4miles PAST Route 68! Oh well, So I stopped to get gas and water because I was feeling dehydrated, and then I headed down 68 because at the time, I knew that would at least take me south (west). So I kind of back tracked but thats ok. It was a good road to ride on and saw alot of nice scenery. It did eventually take me to the top outer part of Lexington. That part I didn't know. I thought it was closer to Morehead than that. So I hop on I75 South/I64 East and eventually see signs for Morehead and think "45miles, oh dratt I'm gonna be late!" So I'm makin good time to get there and 3hours, and 190 miles later. I arrive at my destination!


Something I decided on and he (Keith) liked was to meet at this little place called The Front Porch Restaurant. It was a place I found on http://www.moreheadtourism.com, and from the name, it sounded really good! and let me be the first to tell you, it was, VERY good. Definately a place I'd like to re-eat at, and try an all out dinner! I recommend it if you ever pass through Morehead KY. So we talked about different things, and talked to some nice folks there about the bikes and such. No clue who they where, other than just local residence that where friendly. Thats pretty cool. This is also where I found out that Tri-State should be back up soon, there was a deal signed for it one fellow was saying! Not sure how legit that is but I'm interested to see if it holds true.


After the excellent lunch and convo's we had, we got our plan together for our Cave Run Lake ride. That was around 1pm or so. Keith let me lead since I'm not too much in twisties, and he's a bit aggressive. This would be the first time I've had this bike in any kind of twisties like these. So I led for a while til I missed my turn, turned around and followed him for a few more miles. We stopped at a gas station for a quick break, and we where deciding whether or not to continue on, it was about 2:30 at the time. We wanted to go more, but deciced to call it a day so we got home for dinner time. He said that I was very predictable and a smooth rider, thats good, and I didn't seem to have any issues keeping up with him, I guess thats good too!


Here's some pix:










The ride home was a pretty hot one. I think the bike was cooler than I was! It was 150mile home on the hot slab across I64 and up I75, I filled up about 30miles west of Morehead. Rode for an hour or so and took a break at a rest area somewhere outside of Georgetown KY. The only bad traffic I ran into was past the I275 belt way when I was heading into Cincinnati, that sucked, but we made it. The trip total was around 400miles!


A few things I've learned from this is that I'd like better summer gloves, a taller windshield on the R1200ST, and that this thing will ride on rails!!! . I felt completely in control around the curves. I also now have a ton more respect for this bike since I took it on it's first long journey. I appreciate it even more. I had a great day and can't wait to do this again sometime, perhaps when we can make a weekend out of it at deals gap!


I have more (BIG) pix here: http://r1200st.us/rides/MoreheadKY/

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Looks like it was a great trip. Wait until you get handy with those twisties. It'll add quite a bit of fun to the ride. Steve Kolseth taught me to put a piece of tape in the center of the windshield at the top. Keep your head to the left of center when in a left turn and right of center in a right turn. Might help you develop even faster.

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