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Ride naked and ship stuff to the UN?


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My bike seems to handle so much better w/o the bags. In fact, that is the way I ride it most of the time.


However, considering what I may want/need on the road to the UN, I'm trying to decide what to do.


Options are: 1. mail everything to KOA (I called them and they said they would be glad to hold it till I arrive). 2. Top case only. 3. Side bags only. 4. All cases and let the wind sail me across KS.


No matter which of the above, I will bring my BMW tank bag which sticks up so high I cann't see the tach!


Another option is to get a large drybag and strap it behind me on the seat and still leave the hard bags off.


I looked at Dog Dancer's list and figured out I was just a slacker when it came to being prepared on the road.


However, new tires and battery showed up today via FedEx so that part is covered.

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Paul Mihalka

If I would leave something off it would be the top case. Weight is bad high up, and aerodynamics are lousy, especially riding alone, without passanger.

This is why long time ago I quit camping. My ideal is traveling with a credit card and a toothbrush. Low-cost hotels are everywhere. In Gunnison I found one half mile from the KOA for $39 a night. I'm sure it has a bed, a shower, and indoor plumbing - most important.

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Better add a big jug of SPF100 sunscreen to your tankbag if yer gonna ride nekkid all the way from Kansas to Colorado! And an Alaska Leathers sheepskin pad, that vinyl is brutal on yer bare bunns on a hot day.




Seriously, I like having my stuff with me just in case I need it, and the BMW sidebags are the best aerodynamically in my opinion. I notice my RT performs very differently in the wind with the topcase on, and it sails better when I have a duffel strapped on between me and the topcase. I like the hardbags for security if I stop; you can't lock a duffel bag.


This is one of my favorite photos of all time, from an old Aerostitch catalog:




The caption read "Richard ____ wants to know just what the heck you're looking at?" I love the doggie in the carrier!



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+1 for mailing ahead. If I was not trailering I would mail ahead. Just a small helen two wheel bag on the passenger seat carries two days of underwear, toiletries, camera, etc.


in addition consider buying locally. once again, instead of shipping, I just to go the local walmart, get a styrofoam cooler, cheap folding chair, etc other cheap items, then I just leave them behind when I leave.


Basically all I ship is clothing, and if camping, tent, rain fly, ground cloth. But I do live sparcely when I camp.


so I would use the shipping method, and buy disposable items once you get to Gunnison.

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