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Motorcycle Relief Project Rides


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Hi Folks, You may have heard about the Motorcycle Relief Project, but did you know that they have rides for First Responders as well as Veterans?  They also have rides for Women.  I was fortunate enough to be chosen to attend a ride back in 2019 with several other Veterans.  We were able to share stories, concerns, and recovery paths while getting to ride for a week in dirt and on pavement.  The organization provides motorcycles, gear, lodging, and meals for the week.  Nights are spent working on the issues that many of us carry.  My experience helped me recognize that the issues I face/faced have many solutions, and that this ride with others was the start to working with them.   Susan shared at our last alumni discussion, my continued improvement, starting with that ride.


The organization really wants to support first responders (Police, Firefighters, EMTs, etc.) and has asked the alumni to get out the word.  If you are/were a first responder, check out the information available at:  https://www.motorelief.org/.  Ladies, remember that this organization is there to serve you as well.  


Veterans are always welcome to apply.


If you have any questions about my ride, the program, or applying, feel free to comment here or PM me.



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Hi Rob, hate to ask but is there a cost associated with the program if you happened to be selected? I do see the donate button. :dontknow: Thinking about it, I could probably make up some shit!  :D

Actually seems funny to me but in a good way. Lifelong motorcycle nut with (adventure riding being at the height of my passion). How’s this sound for a decompression therapy session? :dontknow: Hmm, :whistle: :revit:  :dance: :classic_biggrin:

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The only cost to the participant is getting there and back, with the possibility of a night's stay if you get there the day prior to the beginning of the event.

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