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Bless Your Heart


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Moshe, great article "Bless Your Heart" in the current OTL magazine.  It took some strong personal reflection and the beginnings of self-awareness to go back and talk to Aida about her icy tone with that phrase.  Everyone can learn from your lesson.


(I wanted to post this in your forum, but it is not open to new topics.)



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I spent most of my life on the east coast and the Midwest. I was surprised to find out that when a southerner says "bless your heart" or something similar that it is not necessarily a kind wish or compliment,

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I don't know the background of the story in Moshe's article, nor have I read the article, but I've never heard "bless your heart" "bless his heart", "bless her heart" and it actually mean something nice.  It's always been a sarcastic and icy toned phrase.

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A slight digression involving BMW RTPs as I looked up OTL magazine posted by RandyShields.  The OTL website has a video on their blog about BMW RTPs in the 2021 Inauguration. 

*Mod has my "blessing" to move to a more appropriate forum.


While vid is about supply problems for delivering BMW RTPs for an inauguration, this nice vid of the BMW RTP escort runs from minute 4:04 to 5:08




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Don't be too cynical.  Yes some use bless your heart that way, but there are many who actually mean it.  I never heard my aunt say a bad word about anyone.  She was in church when the doors were open.  She didn't cuss, drink, or do anything I ever noticed as bad.  When she said bless your heart, she meant it.....as do many.  Don't assume the worse.

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That's the beauty of the phrase.  Depending on the tone of delivery, it can mean many things.


OTL (On The Level), is the magazine that comes with a BMW Riders Association membership.  Th Sept-Oct issue is now in the archives, and the link is below, but I don't know that those who haven't signed in on the website will be able to view it.  Perhaps Moshe can get permission to post it??




OTL – SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2022 Issue - BMW Riders Association (bmwra.org)

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Well, I was born and bred in The South, "Southern by the Grace of God." (genuflect).  In Atlanta, specifically, but before it went to hell, diluted by carpetbaggers and their ilk, afta th' wah of nawthn' aggression.


"Bless your heart." and "Bless his/her heart." can be used in several similar or parallel ways, in my experience and as mentioned above, Bless Your Hearts.


It's well documented and peffectly legal in all States South of the Mason-Dixon, in all social settings, that it is permissable to say anything about anyone present, absent, or even deceased as long as the phrase is included in the same breath.  It's most common use is to convey and suggest the message that the other person's thoughts, words, or actions however odious to the speaker were a possibly forgiveable transgression and are viewed with sympathy in place of outrage, up to and including a thinly veiled condemnation of the other's words or actions.


I guess it could be used sarcastically but we don't do that.


It can also be used (and was undoubetdly the progenetor to the above usage) in a purely sympathetic capacity as in a favorite Aunt on learning of your skint knee expressing sympathy.

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1 hour ago, Lowndes said:

She WAS being nice.  And in a vey clever, humorous, and Southern way.  


Member dat.


16 minutes ago, 9Mary7 said:

That exchange is Exactly the proper usage of the term....... Love it!


Ya, I see it as she was saying "you're a dumbass" or "fawk you",......is how I take the read,.....and how I've pretty much seen it applied,......as a nice way to go about things.

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