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The environment is a cable modem wired to my Netgear RAX75 Wifi router and then wired downstream is an older Netgear R7500 Wifi router. They both have the same Wifi SSID and password but the RAX is the 192 network while the R7500 is a 10 network. I have a wireless workcenter printer that gets its address from the 192 network. Unfortunately, those connected to the 10 network cannot print to the printer. The printer is a Xerox  6515 workcentre printer. (yes, we still need to print according to regulations) So is the printer the problem and it needs to recognize other networks or is there a way to setup the routers on the same 192 network? And if so, would that even provide the solution I need?

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Somewhere in our R7500, there should be an option to turn it into AP Mode only.  That turns it into wireless access point only.  Then it'll use the same IP addresses as the RAX75.

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Man, I've forgotten so much of what I once knew, since I retired about 8 years ago.  (Not sure what's more difficult, forgetting, or remembering. 😁)


In your RAX75 manual, look up adding an "Access point".   A router handles NAT (network address translation), i.e. it managers and assigns IP's.  You can't have two devices performing the NAT service, controlling the same bank of IP's, which is why you're using two private networks, when it would appear you need only one.  (Example:  Some offices may partition their sales force network from their operations network.  One uses the 192.x net, and the other the 10.x net.)  You don't need two private networks, just one, extended over two devices, hence the access point.  


All you're really doing is configuring your R7500 to NOT manage the NAT, and connecting it to your RAX75.  I can't honestly recall at this point how to do it, i.e. what happens with each router.  I've used Netgear devices almost exclusively for almost 30 years, until they had some quality issues over the past couple of years, so I dropped them, and don't have a Netgear to look at.  (Actually, ALL routers kind of took a dump, i.e. anything using the newest Realtek chips have some pretty severe reliability problems. 


Anyhow, setting up a second router as an access point shouldn't be tough to figure out, or execute.  It's in their management dialogues and docs.

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Thank you all for the input. I too have been out of the field for a while and thought I could just jump right in again. But I was overthinking it by going down the road of configuring the R7500 with a specific address, making it a slave to the first etc etc. I completely forgot about turning it into an AP. :4317:


Again, thank you all.

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