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1250 GS Tires?


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I haven't had a GS before and am not very familiar with the tire offerings.  My bike will be due for tires when I get back from Torrey next week.  It came with Anakee Adventures, Michelin's middle of the range (street - 80/20 - 50/50) adventure bike offering.  I have been impressed with their performance in street and light dirt riding.  I don't feel like I'm giving up anything in street riding.  I rode the bike up to a trailhead that had moderately steep rocky conditions and a lot of mud puddles.  Grip was surprisingly good.  Frankly, the whole bike surprised me with how well it handled the situation in Enduro riding mode.  I have no idea how many miles the tires have gone as the service records for the bike show that the prior owner had the dealer mount used tires before he turned it over to them for sale.  I'd get them again, but am having a little bit of sticker shock at the price.  


Sharon's 1250 has the Bridgestone A41's (OEM).  They are Bridgestone's 100% street offering in the adventure bike range.  I found them fine on the street.  I haven't ridden it on dirt, and worry that they would not be very good.  I don't intend to ride a lot of dirt with this bike, I have a dirt bike for that.  But I do want confidence on general dirt roads, in construction zones and the occasional combined street/dirt ride, like when I used it to get to the trailhead I mentioned earlier.  Bridgestone's price for their AT41 (80/20 tire, not the A41 Sharon has) is considerably better than the 80/20 Anakee Adventure's.  I have no experience with their AT41.


Bottom line, I guess I want an 80/20 tire where I won't feel I'm giving up street performance on dry road in sporty riding conditions.  That's top priority, and second priority is dirt road performance/grip.  What tires do you think do as well (or better) as the Anakee Adventures, or do you think the Anakees are worth their top dollar price?  How about the Bridgestone AT41's?  



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I'll agree with Tewks.  My dealer recommended the Dunlop Trailmax Missions when I asked about a longer lasting tire for my ride to the UN without giving up performance.  I knew my regular choices wouldn't make it there and back.


Performance in the dry was on par with the Michelin Anakee Adventures on the road.  Off road its better than the Adventures.  I also rode in some serious downpours with the Missions and they handled it great.  No slips.  I'm at 7700 miles on this set and they're barely past halfway worn.  Most of that riding was to and from the UN on the highway so they've squared off a bit.  The only negative I had was they seemed to be more sensitive to tar snakes.  Yea tar snakes are always slippery when hot, but it seemed worse with these.


With Michelin Pilot Roads and the Anakee Adventures I'd never see anywhere near the life I'm getting with the Missions.  Over time less tire replacements means less money spent.

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7 hours ago, BrianT said:

The only negative I had was they seemed to be more sensitive to tar snakes

One hundred percent on that! I hit one last week (can’t believe it was the one and only time with these tires) but man, pucker moment big-time! :classic_biggrin: After that, I purposely hit every one I could find in that short section of road just to desensitize myself. 

edit… I guess I lied in my first statement! :D

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I've always used the 90 /10 tires on my GS. My 2016 game with Anakee 3s and I installed Conti Trail Attack 3s Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2s and Bridgestone A41s.  My favorite road tire was the Scorpions and by far my least favorite was the Bridgestones. All were about the same on the very mild dirt roads in the local area.  The Bridgestones were definitely cheaper but were a bitch to mount and just don't have the grip when compared to the other offerings.  My R1250GS had the Bridgestone A41s when I picked it up and replaced them with the Scorpions before riding it.


The Scorpion on the front of the R1250GS had a vibration, turned out to be a large bulge in side the tire. Returned the tire to Revzilla with out issue. Just one of those things it didn't sour me on Pirelli.  Decided to try the Dunlop Mutant on the front and mounted it before leaving for FART.  Rode the Dragon while the road was wet and was definitely impressed with the grip of the Mutant.  Also rode about 30 miles total of gravel road at FART, the rear Scorpion and front Mutant are really street tires but did ok on the gravel. If I was anything other than a infrequent rider off road I would definitely choose a different tire combination than any of the 90/10 tire options. 

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Thanks all!  I've enjoyed the Dunlop Roadsmart III's on the RT, and the Dunlop Trailmax Mission sounds like what I'm looking for.  Unfortunately, they seem to be out of stock.  I guess I won't have any major rides after Torrey for a while, so maybe I can wait.

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For mileage the Dunlop Trail Mission are hard to beat. I put on a set to go the Alaska, 100397 miles. The front tire still looked great, the rear squared off,  but still had 3mm of tread depth left. It handled all the dirt we threw at it. We did the Dalton Hwy up to the Arctic Circle and back. They did get dicey behind the grader and water trucks, but that was like riding on banana peels for miles on end. The down side if there is one is lean angle and wet roads. End grip is suspect in the wet.


 For sport touring and really pushing it the Dunlop Mutants stick very well. That said I doubt I will get 4-5K on the rear.

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