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Dynamic ESA explained


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Best explanation of the magic I've come across. Definitely learned something! The second video in the series was the most informative. 


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8 minutes ago, Rougarou said:

If you're a heavy guy, you should use maximum:4323:  Thought that a funny

I find heavy guy offensive.  I identify as heavy drop or fat ass!

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15 minutes ago, MikeB60 said:

I find heavy guy offensive.  I identify as heavy drop or fat ass!


I call 'em "tubby bastards" ;)


My manager, is "tubby".......and that's what I call him from time to time. 


I walk into the area where my manager works and ask a young lady where tubby is, she asks "who's tubby", I say "Derrick, you see any other tubby bastards around here", she goes "well, uh,.....ya, I kinda do"



Anyway, when I get home tonight, I'ma watch part 2 of that.  I diddle with the settings every now and then, but I'd like a better understanding of actually "where/what" setting I should use.  Bike stays in auto for pre-load.  At first, I had it in minimum due to being a bit vertically challenged, but, did find the ride too squishy, so, even with low suspension, put it on auto and used the toes at stops.


I flip between rain-road-dynamic while riding, but really want a better understanding of each mode.


The '06 rt stays in sport/1up for settings.

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Nah… take too long to say something and repeat it 2-3 times. Good subject but pretty sure it could have been covered in 5-6 minutes

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