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24 hour clock


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Just bought a 2000 R1100RT with 7,000 miles. I did not have a RID on my previous BMW. Can the clock be changed to a 12 hour clock?

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Hi congratulations on the new bike and welcome to the board.


Regretably, the clock is not switchable to 12 hour format. Some folk have even tried to get at the chip to see if there was a link to set.


Cya, Andy thumbsup.gif

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Can the clock be changed to a 12 hour clock?

Given the limitations, what some will do is set the time with a 12-hour offset so that 0:00 is noon (instead of midnight), so that the clock tells 12-hour time during the afternoon and evening. If you do most of your riding between midnight and noon, this solution isn't so good.

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Maybe. Around the '00 model year (I can't recall exactly when) the RIDs were changed to a new design that cannot be changed to 12hr. format. The older ones can be opened up and a jumper changed within the RID.

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From what I recall of the discussion on IBMWR about this, I'm pretty sure it was never modifiable on the Oilheads, even before 2000.

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You will get accustomed to subtracting 12 from whatever time shows as 13--. Or, refer to your watch, or cell phone. OR, some people buy a cheap whater proof digital watch and adhere it to a readily visible position. Not saying this will look good, but-------it works. And, NO, I don't have one. I prefer to have to think each time I read the time on the RID. Keeps me sharp in my old age.

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I had a good friend tell me a way that is faster to calculate it ....... just drop the "teen" and subtract 2 from the display


17:00 "teen" dropped = 7:00 - 2 = 5:00pm


It's stupid math eek.gif but it works fast for me thumbsup.gif


(You're on your own when it's 21:00) dopeslap.gif

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