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I just traded in my 650gs for a 2005 1150rt (13k miles) and the difference is expressed best with a smile. I bought it Saturday and drove it 300 that day. What a great ride. I hope to master the maintenance requirements to avoid dealer charges. So, my first question here is, is there a link to a shop manual for the 1150rt?

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When I had my 2002 RT I bought a CD manual from Motobins. Much cheaper than any other place I found. Try typing in Motobins in your search engine and see what you find.


Good luck,


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is there a link to a shop manual for the 1150rt?

The shop manual is copyrighted material that you need to purchase.


BTW, welcome to the board and enjoy the RT!

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I was looking to purchase the manual but not from the dealer since they wanted $125 for the CD. I would prefer a book to make it more mobile.

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Laffo IBA#34115

e-bay. The CDs run anywhere for .99 to 24.99. Don't know the leagality of them though but all of the sellers claim that they are selling legal copies of the CD

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