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Death Valley 11/11/ 2022


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From what we can best figure out, this will be the 20th year for this event!  
Started in Furnace Creek, then tried Armagosa Casino (lousy place) then Pahrump (where we all froze our butts off……)and then decided to move the event to November in Beatty, and that seems to work out well for us.


Now as you know, DV got hit hard with monsoon rains and trashed the roads there. 190 from Olancha is open but Daylight Pass going over to Beatty got hit hard, not open yet…..

So , we may need a Plan B if the road is still out, and this is the place for suggestions and comments.
The Thursday night gathering in Kernville will happen again also……stay tuned!


Don J



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6 hours ago, Rob Nowell said:

Can I wait three hours at the Diner in Lone Pine again with my sweetie?

Sure, if you wish……..or come find us that morning!😎

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Havasu Dave

Good thing we are all paying for infrastructure. How long has Grapevine Canyon been closed now? Im sure we'll find a way.I be there.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Moving to Kernville, roads severely damaged and not sure when they’ll be open……..but we will be back to Beatty again!


See new thread for info


Don J

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