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Sirius Installation on R1200RT


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I've had this on my bike for about a week. Finally took some pictures. The unit pictured is a Streamer GT. The mount is the offset mount from Cyclegadgets.com. I had the pros at Irv Seaver BMW install it. It powers on/off with the factory radio and uses an FM direct antenna adapter to play through the stereo speakers. I love it. Don't anticipate using the cruddy CD player much anymore.





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I have the cheapy Sirius basic unit mounted on a RCU shelf on the 1100. Nice and small almost invisible if you not looking right at it.


I wired it so that all the wires are near invisible also. The antenna is velcro attached to one of the side bags and sound is going through a extension cable that pokes out from under the drivers seat and can be split for 2 up listening.


No radio, cd or speakers on my ride just direct satellite to ear buds.


When I get the Baehr or Auto Comm it will pipe into that!

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