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What is the color of BMW synthetic trans fluids?


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I had a 24K mile service done at 21K miles. I was charged for trans & gear fluids.


It is now 24K miles. Summer is coming, and I thought I would change out the dino oils in the bike and fill it with all synthetic for the hot summer riding months.


The fluid that came out of the trans looked dirty and very red, just like the redline shockproof I put in the bike at 10K miles.


The fluid that came out of the differential was deep brown and smooth, like the redline 75w-90 gear oil I put in the differential at 10K miles.


I know the regular trans fluid and differential fluids that I drained at 10K miles were both black and chunky, like old used dino oil.


Does the BMW synthetic stuff look similar to the regular?


I am wondering if the dealer changed the fluids, or just said they did.


I took pictures of the trans drain, showing the bright red color of the fluid that was coming out of the PVC pipe and running down the aluminum foil.

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In reference to the synthetics; Last year it was red, this year it is the same light brownish color of their syn motor oil. I guess they changed mfgrs in the past year.

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