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Help...final drive failure on commuter bike


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Hey guys...


I think this looks pretty bad....


Rebuild or replacement do you think? Need it back on the road ASAP


Thanks so much for you input!










Not pretty is it?

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Ouch! That must have hurt! You won't know to rebuild or replace until you pull the crown gear. As long as none of the broken bits of metal didn't scar anything you should be able to rebuild.


In the March or April issue of BMW MOA News Paul Glaves wrote an article about those very failures. Seems there have been enough failures for BMW to come up with a new replacement bearing.


Good luck

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John Ranalletta

Based upon my recent experience, the crown gear and roller bearings are probably okay, but it depends on how big the bits and pieces are that came off the bearing retainer. You won't know until you take out those 8 bolts and coax the cover off. Good luck.

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Yep mine looked just as bad as that and all I did was replace the bearing. That was 2 years and 40000 km ago.

I had a oil leak just 3 days ago and thought here we go again but it was just a the main seal this time.

So with a bit of luck ya might be ok

regards Jacko

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John Ranalletta

If the gear and rollers are okay, likely the fastest way to repair is to carry it in to a BMW service department. Mine is being replaced. Specify the 17-ball bearing which is supposed to be an upgraded bearing from the 19-ball bearing.


Check Advrider, search on user "billy bee". He's got a complete final drive for sale at a good price.

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Thanks for you input and you too John R.


These gears look ok to me ...do you agree?












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