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12RT Final Drive Failure


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This is in no way intended to start any scare mongering, but only for information. This is all I know at the moment: as and when more is known, I'll pass it on.


A French R1200RT has suffered a final drive failure. It's a new bike, with about 8000 km (5000 miles) on it. I would say it has been ridden enthusiastically, but not unsympathetically.


Failure happened to a co-member of a French list. He was returning home after a group weekend in the south. No immediately obvious cause (no potholes or other unreasonable shock) and no prior warning, just a feeling of vagueness to the handling, like running on a very soft tyre, no noise. The wheel didn't lock up and the rider was able to stop normally at the side of the road.


The wheel moves as if the bearing has failed, but that is speculation at the moment. The bike has been recovered by BMW, so no more private investigation can be undertaken.

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