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To add a little more fun to the UN trip.


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I signed up for the Colorado Beemers Pass Bagger 50.


Here is a description:


The Pass Bagger 50 is sponsored by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado and serves as a perpetual self-paced cumulative ride contest(emphasis added) . It is perpetual in that the requirements can be completed over several or more years. The Pass Bagger 50 ride requires official registration and payment of $15.00 per person ($30.00 for 2-up) for which the registrant will receive an instructional packet and pass accumulation booklet. The registrant must then ride to the top of 50 different Colorado mountain passes of their own choosing at their own pace and schedule, then document the accomplishment with a photograph of themselves, their bike, and the sign or equivalent located at the top of each pass. Upon completion, the rider must then turn in the completed pass booklet indicating the names of the 50 passes and the dates completed, with photographs, to the Pass Bagger 50 Coordinator. The Coordinator will authenticate the pass completions and certify eligibility for the award. Those who successfully complete the contest will be awarded an official Pass Bagger 50 pin, patch and special recognition at a monthly dinner meeting. Riders may choose any 50 passes within Colorado so long as the pass appears on a published map. Because the contest is perpetual and not year-specific, contestants may take as long as they want or need to complete all 50 passes.


This seemed to be an intersting way to be sure to see a lot of Colorado. As you can tell, I'm easily amused. grin.gif

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