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Riding the Southwest


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Just completed a 7-day, 1500 mile ride with my brother thru the Four Corners area of AZ, NM, CO, UT. I posted an itinerary and photomagazine of the sights at http://www.worldisround.com/articles/298024/index.html

The posting is more about the sights than about the motorcycles or trip itself. Although I was concerned about being too cold during the trip, heat was the reality. Too hot for my Joe Rocket ballistic motorcycle pants; wore jeans instead. Planned (most) overnight stops around towns with brew pubs. Trailered from NW Florida to Albuquerque where we kicked-off.

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Heat? In Arizona? It's a pleasant 84* in Scottsdale right now. We haven't even had a day of 110+ degrees yet. Good thing you came during our mild springtime weather. wink.gif


Any time you come to the 4 Corners area from April to October it's important to plan for both hot and cold. It has gone over 100 degrees in Phoenix in March, and while the 4 Corners area isn't quite as hot, it, too, can get pretty toasty early or late in the season. The desert can cool off more than people expect, and mountain passes are often unpredictable.


This is a great area for touring. As long as you're prepared for anything (we haven't mentioned dust storms and monsoons, yet), you can have a blast. Hope you had a good time.

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As a matter of fact, I was snowed on in Tombstone in mid March this year. A major blizzard!! Who wooda guessed....

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Spent an overnight in Durango on way from Mesa Verde to Albuquerque. Great brew pub there; Steamworks Brewing Co. Had a couple of their brews, and a corned buffalo ruben. Was planning a short trip up the San Juan Skyway to Silverton but ran out of time.

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