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"Leaning in Tennessee"..film at 11


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A few close friends and I met in Nashville to take the long way to Natural Bridge for the Friendstoc rally. We spent 3 days, and covered almost a thousand miles in the Tennessee-North Carolina and Virgina hills BEFORE even arriving at the rally point! It was tough but someone had to lean all those curves, figured it might as well be US. Hope you enjoy the video and pics.


PS- Frank C was readin my mind.

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The spot where you planted your camera on the BRP must have good karma, because I took the exact same shot.


Cool video Guy thumbsup.gif



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Bama, your's are always some of the best videos and this is no exception. One thing freaking me out personally: Since Todd's very chilling meeting with Bambi and his new best friend Demerol, I watch your videos and I can't get the "Deer Radar" paranoia out of my head! "Which one of you future deerskin glove donors is waiting beside the road?" Am I the only one? I suppose like everything, you take a calculated risk and accept the fact that, as Todd said, there was no way to predict or avoid it and you hope the gods didn't turn over your card that day.

Sorry to put this chill over a great video but I gotta get past this! eek.gif

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Indeed Gel, I have the same paranoria, but somehow it seems to decrease when actually riding. Kind of like the thinking about is worse then the actual doing.


However, as you notice on the previous video about the early morning ride in the Park, I was extra cautious. The Park is infested with deer that are not hunted or anything else. They are very brazen. That morning, I kept my speed down to 40 mph and scanned the shoulders far ahead. Your only defense is to see them before they see you.


I've seen many deer over the miles, and not even a close call, and I consider it more than luck. But thats a whole different thread. For now enjoy the video and let it help take you to those inner sanctums we all feel when on the road.


Art- after the photo op we kept moving north from Mt Balsam to Mt Mitchell, where we encountered heavy fog, sleet, and cold temps. I've been in the Blue Ridge many times in the fall and the weather that day in late May was the worst I'd ever encountered. It was more like fall then mid spring. It was brutal. The temp went from the mid 50s on Balsam to 35 on Mitchell. It was a very tough ride, probably the toughest of my career. Condensation worked into the Sony effectively taking it out, and I was unable to record the misery. Coming off the mountain into Boone things improved.


I see the same cloud found y'all as it moved across the Blue Ridge that day. If you notice in the video, cloud shadows were moving fast across the road and landscape, I knew we were gonna get it, but the Brits we had in tow wanted to ride the Parkway all the way to Boone, no matter what. Soooooooo being good hosts we honored our committment. The Brits treated as just another ride. I guess they're use to fog and cold rain. eek.gif

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Art- after the photo op we kept moving north from Mt Balsam to Mt Mitchell, where we encountered heavy fog, sleet, and cold temps.


grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif Like this?? Here we are at the Mount Mitchell overlook. It was brutal for a few miles, the clouds were moving incredibly fast, and we were riding right through them. 15 mph tops.





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Exactly like that bro. Y'all couldn't have been far behind us. If you have any more pics from Mt Mitchell lemme know. I'm working on a part 2 video, and after the Sony died, I was helpless to capture the moment.

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