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The short answer to my question is "Take it back to the dealer" but if there is an easy fix I would like to try. My Autocom was installed on my 06 R1200RT last week. I just had the Garmin 376C XM Radio activated. Squeels like crazy. Sounds like altinator noise. Does not do it when I unplug the power coard and it just runs on the internal battery. Any thoughts?

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You need an isolated audio cable to connect any bike powered accessory to a bike powered autocom.


If your dealer did the install, see if they charged you for one. They should have used one.


Otherwise, buy one. Either from Sean Daly or autocom. Or you can make your own.

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What Steve said. Your dealer should have known better. Simple fix and even if all your cable routing is already done, you can just insert the Ground Loop Isolator cable at either end and it should work.

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