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Diff oil leak


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Hi Guys

I have a leak from the diff last time that happened the crown wheel bearing was stuffed. But this time the oil looks clean and no noise or play in the wheel ,could I be lucky and its only a seal.

Thanks Jacko

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Stan Walker

could I be lucky and its only a seal.


You could be. I was. I replaced just the seal in March of this year. After 69,000 miles it was starting to weep. I had the new 17 ball crown wheel bearing sitting there waiting but didn't use it as the old bearing was still in good condition. It's now 1700 miles later and everything checks fine.



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The leak is the main crown wheel seal. I have just finished replacing it ,everything looked ok .

Didnt dismantle the diff this time ,

Will go for a ride and check for leaks

thanks Jacko

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