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The $105.50 fried boloney 'tamich!


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We decided to ride down to the G & R Tavern in Waldo, Ohio then on to Iron Pony in Columbus.

The cast of charactors were to meet at my house at 8 AM. They incuded My bro in law Mike and sister Gretchen on their LT, Ron, a co worker on his LT, Lynn on her Deluxe, and me.

We headed over to my other sister's house in Rocky River.

She on her C50.

Pulling away from a stop sign about 10 miles from her house, she took the turn too wide and caught her front wheel in some soft mud on the shoulder, and went down.

She is OK, the bike is OK. After getting the bike up, and picking up the right side mirror off the ground, I rode it around the block. No major damage. She insisted we go on, and she would just ride home.

That didn't happen, we followed her home then went on our merry way.

Fries and a fried boloney sandwich was had by all.

Now on to Iron Pony, the big motosport store in Columbus.

I ended up buying a Shoei RF-1000 helmet and glad I did. That Nolan of mine was too darn noisey.

The route home was RT 3 up to Wooster pick up 585 to 21 to 77, then 271 home.

Ron was in the lead, me next, the Mike, and last but not least Lynn.

We are rolling along about 70 MPH on RT3, popped over a hill, and yes you can guess it. A State Trooper coming the other way jumps on his brakes and hits the lights. Mike and Lynn were about an 1/8 of a mile behind us, the Trooper does a U-wee in behind me, as Ron and I are slowing down, pretty much aware of the situation, we pull over. $100 for 70 in a 55, and $5.50 lunch. Thus the $105.50 fried boloney 'tamich.


Sounded better than the $431.99 RF-1000, huh?

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If you mention Waldo Ohio, you'd be surprised at how many people will say " Oh yeah, that's the fried bologna sandwich place".

A couple weeks ago we made plans for a Saturday ride to Waldo where we met friends from Dayton and Upper Sandusky. Wouldn't you know there were motorcycles parked all around the place we had to wait just a little bit for a table. While we were there a group of young men in Tuxedos showed up. Turns out it's a wedding party on the morning of the big event and the groom is spending his last few hours as a single man with a fried bologna sandwich and good friends.

Sorry your sandwich came with a performance award smirk.gif

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There was a group of people all dressed to the nines there today also! Must be the thing!

Only about 7 or 10 other bikes.

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