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2022 UnRally Route Pack 1 (of 3)

Indy Dave

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Indy Dave

Here is route Pack 1 for the UnRally. These are the primary routes, I will post a few additional local specific routes. Thanks as always to @Bernie. There is one ADV route - for beginners. Not knowing experience levels or skill sets, it's difficult to be comfortable sharing more advanced routes - especially not having had a chance to scout them recently. Feel free to reach out via  PM if you're looking for direction on something longer and more aggressive.




UNRALLY 2022 ROUTES: UnRally 2022 routes pavement


UNRALLY 2022 Beginner ADV route: UnRally ADV Track


PDF MAP OUTLINES (as seen below) PDF Map Outlines


Route Set 1 Info: Route Set #1 Info


EDIT: We've added brief descriptions for some of the Route Set 1 routes. (link above)



























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Thanks for posting.  Which of these routes would you say are more back-roading (almost one lane type roads that your videos were representative), versus more state-rout-ish (wide, 2 line roads) ?


Looking forward to next Saturday.



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Indy Dave

Hi Dean - Of course they all have connecting roads, but many of those are quite nice. The "Smoke Routes" - the longer the better. Also Davis-alpine-Mont-Frank JF. 


The route the videos are from was a 300+ day.  To get all of those places, I had to use some standard 2 lane roads, and some I had to ride in both directions. I'm working on that route currently - it has some roads Basecamp doesn't think are roads - and so I'm hesitant to publish it, because it will confuse people in those areas. And it's a long day - you've got to keep a very good pace (I didn't stop for lunch).


Another route I'm working on and will post is a loop that will have river road that's in the first video - where it shows me starting at the lodge.



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Thanks.  I've got a K1600, so I'm not looking for any single tracks!  Ha ha!




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Indy Dave

We've added brief descriptions for some of the Route Set 1 routes.


There will be 3 route sets total! Set 2 has been posted and tomorrow set 3!


Route Set 1 Info: Route Set #1 Info



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