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Dealer Mediocrity

richard mauro

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richard mauro

Just picked up my 03 Rt which was stored since October at my dealer in Ct. who I have bought 3 mcs from.They were to do a 6K service plus new battery- $400. All services were performed in November when they were probably slow. I go to pick up mc and there is a cable hanging from the front of the fairing not strapped up. The tech spent almost 1 hour taking the fairing apart to install/attach the cable. Nevertheless the mc wasnt washed either etc. Why did not any one else see this.This is the 3rd time I have had such an issue. The dealer owners reaction- I am sorry.


I love love the brand and also have Harleys which when I just have an oil change I must tell the dealer NOT TO WASH THE MC.The BMW salesperson is trying to get me to trade up to a new RT or Gt- 20K -nice mcs- but in my opinion the dealers just come up short re the product backup- also even worse in Florida where I spend 8 months.


My problem with the brand.

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Strongly disagree, this could happen with any brand. I have dealt with 3 BMW Motorcycle shops, Sacramento, Reno (Sparks), and Walnut Creek. These shops treat you like you bought a Rolls Royce from them. Sacramento buys me lunch at the restaurant next door every time I get serviced there.


Now the V-max went in for its annual check, and came back to me without its license plate (still MIA, had to get a new one), and much dirtier than I handed it in. No class at Yamaha here.


One dealer does not make a bad brand… I now ride forty miles out of my way to a Yamaha dealer that provides excellent service even though I have one two miles from my home, but even they are still short of the royal treatment I receive from my Beamer reps.


You might have a bad shop, but you have a great brand, this is only my opinion.

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I agree it's the dealer and not the brand. My last H-D went in for some upgrades and it's 500 mile checkup. They did not return my original mufflers as I had asked and the bike was absolutely filthy. When I asked about the mufflers, they said they had already tossed them. And the bike went in spotless.


The two BMW dealers that I deal with, btw, I bought my bike from a private party, are always more than courteous and helpful.


My suggestion would be to have a serious chat with the owner when you are not having a problem. Most business owners want to provide good service. If he doesn't, find a new one.



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