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missing handle on 1200RT


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I miss the center stand folding lift handle that my 1100RT had. I park my bike on one of the fancy race teck floors from that yuppy garage place. I put a piece of 1/4 in. lexan under the stand to keep from marking the tiles and it makes it hard to get it up (please no jokes). And yes I take the covers off my truck floor mats and plastic covers off my furniture. wave.gif

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wunderlich do make one for the 1200rt ive bought one makes life easier.

clap.gif Thanks for the tip. I found it, along with all kinds of cool stuff. There goes another pay check. Thanks again. wave.gif

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I've got the handle from Wunderlich and it's never been used. I found it easier to get on the centerstand without the Wunderlich handle. If you want it, how does $10 sound? Just let me know - I sent you an e-mail.

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That works for me. e-mail was wrong, I fixed it in the profile. Please try again.

P.S. we have a lot in common, my wife is a C.P.A., son lives in Dillon CO. Nephew play for the CO Skysox. I even have been to Boulder. O.K. it was 45 years ago. Your beemer wouldn't be red would it?

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