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r1200gs Larger Windscreen


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Any comments from owners who have added a larger screen. I am 5'10" and get a fair amount of wind noise. Would a 3" taller screen reduce noise significantly? Anyone added a Cee Bailey or Givi screen?


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Cee Bailey screen made a big difference on my '04. I'm your height and used their +2" screen. Got better result with a 2" shorter screen.


On a GS, you basically have no weather protection anyway and your helmet was designed to run in clean air. Lowering the screen, or changing its angle of attack via Tobinators, will help a good deal as will wearing ear plugs.


To test, get up to speed and reach forward with your left hand and pull back on the top of the screen. At about 2" back and down, wind noise will fall off dramatically.


Your jacket can have a big influence on this as well as a good deal of air travels up your arms and the shape of the shoulder armour and the fit of your helmet at the bottom can conspire to make a good deal of noise. You might try removing the shoulder armor, as an experiment only, from your jacket and going for a ride. Removing the hand guards seemed to help with this as well.

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I have the Cee Bailey on my GS. I'm 6'2" and it does make a difference. Smoother air flow and more rain protection. thumbsup.gif

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I'm 1.76m and using the CB +5, +3. Still ended up with some buffeting. Fitted the Tobinators and viola! I can stop fiddling. Buffeting gone.

Now if I can just get rid of the damn insects that keeps hanging around in front of my visor at 120km/h... grin.gif

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H C Edwards

I tried the +6 Cee Bailey and didn't care for it. Better than stock, but no matter how I adjusted it, the wind buffeted my head. Tobinators helped some. I got one of the first Aeroflow's, and it was just what I was looking for. I posted a review on it around a year ago. You should be able to find it easily with a search.

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I've got the Aeroflow with half faring. It's rock solid and offers alot of protection. I rode with it all last winter and I've spent some days ridng in the rain. It's not quite as efficient as the RT, but it gives good coverage. I wouldn't choose any other screen. It is pricey, but worth the money.



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