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R12GS Vario Topcase: Mounting Question


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I'm stumped. I bought the Vario topcase for my new 12GS. I want to mount it in the forward position. I waited a week for the forward mounting kit (part # 46 54 7 688 336) to arrive. Upon opening it, I can't see how any of these random parts will hold a topcase to my bike! confused.gif


I searched online and can find no pictures of the mounting kit for this topcase. Is there another part that I need to attach the box to my bike?


Why the hell would BMW engineer such an simple, elegant rack system for the RT but then stick such a dog on the GS? (Sorry. That's the frustration talking!) Time to walk away...

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The kit assumes you are taking the black plate that is on the rack now off the rack and adapting and moving it to the forward position. Many of us, myself included, that frequently go back and forth between the two configurations bought a second black plate. Why it is not included in the so called "kit" is beyond me, but it isn't. It is part #71607679102.

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Thanks for the info! $100 and 30 minutes later I have the topcase mounted in the forward position! I don't ride 2-up, so that's where it'll stay.


Now I just need to learn how to get on and off the bike without herniating something. smile.gif

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Now I just need to learn how to get on and off the bike without herniating something.
Yeah, ain't that the truth. I like the case in the forward position for my daily commute except for that very reason!
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Is there any reason I shouldn't stand on the left peg while the bike is on the sidestand and leg over? I know what the owner's manual says about sitting on and putting undue concentrated weight on the bike while on its stand , but I also know that people do it every day with no ill effects. confused.gif

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My dealer recommends that very method. Saves the hernias and also is supposedly easier on your back. Coming from older K bikes, I almost always use the center stand anyway.


Getting off the bike is another matter! smile.gif

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When on the side stand? Well personally I don't trust it. Even if the stand holds the couple of times I tried it the bike just seemed to unstable.


When on the center stand though I do it all the time.

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