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BBQ Tuesday 5/17/22


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Hey Pat, I lived about a mile from that designated center point on Central Tree Rd and never knew about it until the advent of the world wide web.  :ohboy:


Thanks for the trip down memory lane.   I left there to move south in '78 (13 y/o) and went back 20 years later to visit and everything was so small.   LOL


I am hoping Laura's CE seminars will eventually choose Boston for their annaul convention.  They were there quite a few years ago.   I need to get back that way; there is a lot to see.  I want to go see the new TFD firehouse after my formal invitation from the Chief.   :grin:


Looks like a good time was had.   Good photos!

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Yeah, I should of asked for your old address and snapped a picture. :dontknow: Just like everywhere, they’re filling in the open fields with houses so it may be a little more crowded if you make the trip. 




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The fire house used to be a single bay, next to the cemetary that is near Naquag Elementary.  That  school had 2 buildings, with grades 1 - 3 on the side of the road as the cemetary and across the street was the building for grades 4 -8.  As I understand it now, things are quite a bit different these days.  

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I only used a quarter of a tank of gas to get to BT's...we could have easily made it to Manchester for the next "feed bag"!

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The 5 of us at the table for lunch today would have a hard time finishing that!

…but I think we should try!

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1 hour ago, wbw6cos said:

.......no sharing, eh?

Probably not, if you want it free and the T. :classic_biggrin: Not sure if you saw that dude’s video but I’ll tell ya, I almost got nauseous just watching. The days of food challenges are over for me, unfortunately.  

New Strategy… Less food, more times eating it. :spittake: 



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Brad, I’m pretty sure you’ve got the navigation part handled but, I’ll put together a nice little backroad route I take up to KC’s for a future feed. :classic_biggrin:

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