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My dad - hedstrom


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I’m writing with some sad news.  My dad, Hakan Edstrom (hedstrom) passed away last Wednesday due to injuries sustained from a fall in a hiking accident up in the Sierras. 

Dad was a member here for a while and I know he really loved that it was a forum focused on people riding together in the real world. He always enjoyed the Oakhurst ride and the Death Valley rides and would text or call me about them when he got back. I think he especially enjoyed getting out and turning the wick up a little bit with the group - I think my mom wanted him to keep the wet head running at mostly legal speeds. 

I was lucky enough to share this great hobby with my dad (I grew up on the back of his ‘87 Hurricane 1000 and on dirt bikes and mopeds), and was fortunate to ride with him on the Oakhurst ride one year, on a tour from Anchorage to LA together in 2019, and on about a thousand rides up Little Tujunga, and Big T, and Aliso Canyon, and Angeles Forest.  

He’ll be missed and I’m grateful he got the chance to ride with some of you.  He loved being out on the road and the feeling of two wheels underneath him.  




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I am so sorry to hear this. Hakan was a friend of mine. We rode together fairly often.

He was a great guy, and always had a positive attitude and a willingness to help out.

He was also one of my wife's favorite people. Our hearts go out to you and your Mom.

He had a lot of friends here, and he will be missed...

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I'm so sorry for your loss.  Death of a father is tough on anyone, but losing him unexpectedly like that, can be even more crushing.  You'll cry a bunch before you can laugh about the great memories, but hang in there, those memories will eventually take over.  


I didn't have the opportunity know your dad, but I feel your loss (i.e. lost my dad suddenly in 1996).  Kind regards. 



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I am sorry for your loss. 


This forum allows the comraderie that people have, or will have developed while riding together.  It is good that that your father was a part of this online community and you will get to experience it, as well.  It will be another way honor him.



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Rode with your father a few times including just a few weeks ago in Oakhurst and Ramona.  I'm sorry to hear this.  He and your family are in my prayers.  It's always too soon when someone is having as a good a life as he did.  

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Here's a couple of shots of your dad, with Frank at Dante's View Death Valley National Park" and The Glass Elevator at Borrego Springs 613812192_HankFrank.jpg.0e5b3c7b8708068e182fe8dbff8c1965.jpgAnza.thumb.jpg.be3efdc44b0cd9cb380fbd04c147ebc4.jpg

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1 hour ago, BrianT said:

It's always too soon when someone is having as a good a life as he did.  

Hey Brian - this really hit me.  Both that it was way too soon - I was sure that we’s have ten more years of adventures - but also how lucky my dad was to be able to live the kind of life he did.   Thank you.  

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I didn't know him well, but we had a few chats at Death Valley.  He was always outgoing and interesting, very friendly.  So sorry for your loss.  Thank you for letting us know.  

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The only guy I know of who would load up his Ferrari with pieces of firewood to take home………gonna miss him


Don J

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My condolences to you and your family.  Hakan was a great riding buddy who always had a smile on his face, and never had a bad thing to say about anybody.









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Your father was one of the bunch of riders from SoCal known in the group as “The Usual Suspects”. A fast moving bunch of talented riders that made their way to Death Valley each year. I enjoyed seeing and talking to him at each event. So sorry for your loss. And ours too,

He will be missed.

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