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Insurance for medical air services...


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When my GS and I threw each other off of a cliff last year, I was air-lifted to a major medical center from rural Indiana. The resulting cost for this twenty-minute flight was just under $11,000. eek.gif The bad thing about this was that I didn't even get to sight-see along the way, as I was strapped to a gurney. My flight nurse was cute, though! thumbsup.gif


I recently saw an ad for Medical Air Services Association ( www.medairservices.com ) and was curious if anyone has experience with any of these type of services / coverages?


I was lucky that my insurance company paid for the flight, but I have talked with several people who were not so lucky, resulting in several thousands of dollars out of pocket.


Since many of us will be riding in very rural areas this year (UnRally comes to mind, with very high cliffs eek.gif), I have been pondering something like this.


I've also heard this service called "deep wilderness evac services", as well.



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I had it when I was diving through a diver association but have not heard of it a supplemental coverage otherwise. Would be courious what others say.

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A few years back my dad had to be flown from Florida back home to New Hampshire. The out of pocket cost was close to $18,000 eek.gif He was retired at the time i'm pretty sure that my parents footed the entire bill...it was worth it for them so that he could finish his final weeks in their own home.



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Good idea, Tasker. But after reading all these sites, only Skymed specifically lists helicopter evacuation from an accident scene, and it's a $60 a year option on top of the $200 (well worth it, I think). -RickP.

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