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hello BMW friends, im looking to put a GPS system on my r1100s, the problem is i dont know anything about them, and there;s too many to chhoose from, i'm a new england rider,but would like to load a map of another country...also im wondering if when installed on a bike if it's readable on the brightest of sunny days..should i go color or black andwhite?..thanks for any help...jim

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There is getting to be more and more choices every day, making choosing a daunting task. I have the Garmin 2610 on my RT, not even sure if it is still available. I don't have any trouble seeing it unless; The sun is directly behind me, then it gets a little washed out. I have my map pocket on my tank bag, then sometimes the reflection off of it causes reflections on the display making it hard to see. I forget to put on my reading glasses before heading out.. but that has nothing to do with the GPS. smile.gif

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Hi Jim....

I've got a Garmin GSPMAP-376C with a GadgetGuy mount on my 1150RT. The mount is on the handlebars which puts the GPS right above the front of the tankbag.....since I wear bifocals this is a perfect position. The 376C is color display, its waterproof and is bright...I've never had a problem seeing it.

You may want to check out the 378...it comes with North America maps preloaded but you also have the option of using the Garmin memory cards ($$$)for the maps of other countries.



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I'll throw in a vote for my Garmin Quest. I use mine between 3 bikes and 2 cars and always take it with me on business. It is small, light, all flash momory (no hard drive to break - hard drive units are more failure prone on motorcycles),and waterproof.

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I took a 5 day trip this past weekend. I have a the BMW Nav II GPS on my 12RT while my brother had the Garmin 376C on his Wing. For comparison, I could read his unit from my bike, at the same time that I could not read my own. The backlighting and brilliance on his unit was much better than mine. The real big difference was the weather XM radio. We could avoid the rain every time it came close. It was like watching the weather channel maps, only in real time. This was in AL, NC, TN, GA, where it rained on and off everyday. One night, my brother said it is "raining up ahead" and I thought we could see the area and it appeared to be clear, so we kept on going. Sure enough, we rode two miles and the sky opened up.This, after having ridden 12 hours already. I am getting the 376C. Amazing, the level of improvement in a year.

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aw heck..... just go with a Garmin, look for something waterproof or water resistent and select what your wallet will support within reason. 26XX, Quest2 and the 276C (or higher) units will be great and satisfy your needs. When in doubt more storage/memory is a good thing.

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I've used a couple of Garmins on my R1100S over the past 5 years: StreetPilot, GPS V, and now a GPSMAP 76CS.


I highly recommend a Martin Fabrication radar/GPS mount. A RAM cradle installs nicely on it. (http://www.martinfabrication.com/item.jhtml?UCIDs=474413%7C761488&PRID=515376)


There customer service is second to none. They even made me some custom posts since I added RapidDog's barbacks to my bike. (No affiliation with MF, just a very satisfied customer.)


I'm actually looking to sell this mount. If anyone's interested or has questions, PM me.


Wes Hsu

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