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2010 bmw r1200rt se


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Hi all

Looking to replace my 1999 oilhead

Was thinking something more recent but have come to realise far to tech complicated for my liking

Now looking at a 2010 r1200rt se

I was hoping to buy with a mind to avoid the old dry clutch bike stripped in two to replace scenario 

but don't want the tecno headaches

Any help appreciated regarding any issues/faults good points great points this particular model throws up

Anything at all

I appreciate this model has a degree of techno also but hopefully not as much as the modern variations

Thanks in advance


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Hi Mark,


I'm on my 3rd RT going through an oilhead, hexhead and am on a camhead today.  I put 80+k on the first two and have 72k on the camhead and it's no contest which has been my best bike...the camhead.  I had serious failures on the first two but have had no problems with this one, and it's much smoother too..  My first valve needed adjustment at 70k and I've never had to adjust throttles.  BMW got the camhead right in my opinion.    I keep thinking it's time to upgrade but I like this one too much and it runs too good.


My 2 cents.

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+1 on the camhead......easily the best performing and fault free of the oil-cooled Boxers:thumbsup:

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2 hours ago, 9Mary7 said:

+1 on the camhead......easily the best performing and fault free of the oil-cooled Boxers:thumbsup:

... but, absolutely NO bias, right?  🤣🤣🤣👍


(I did notice that they seem to handle slow speed maneuvers better than Wetheads, though.  😏😎

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Maybe a little BUT....... I do have a ton of mileage on the 1100rt-p and 1150 rt-p so all y'all are entitled to my opinion:3:

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I've owned an 1100RT, I've toured on a rental hexhead, I now own a camhead.  Just like some other German brands of cars, BMW keeps improving the formula.  I too am hesitant about ever going to the watercooled gens if they are heavier.  I am enjoying the "nimbleness" of how well the camhead handles. Love the unassisted partially linked brakes.  The smoothness and rev-ability of this 1200 engine.  The camhead impresses me.  I'm only 1,000 miles and 1 month into my camhead ownership.

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