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Tether for Garmin 2610?


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I've taken the advice of several helpful members of this forum and mounted my Garmin 2610 in the Garmin motorcycle mount on my RCU shelf. A few experienced members advised me to tether the Garmin 2610 to the bike. Although the 2610 unit in the mount seems sturdy enough, I would still like to tether the unit to the bike. My problem is I don't see any convenient place on the Garmin where I can attach a wire tether without drilling a hole somewhere in the unit and attaching an eyelet or something to hold a tether line. Has anyone done a tether and can advise as to the best way to do it? TIA smile.gif

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I tethered mine thusly: first, I stuck on the back of the GPSr, a little button that comes with two-sided foam tape intended for the back of a cell phone ... this button is intended to latch into a belt clip. Once foam tape glue set up, I made a little "noose" out of 20 pound test braided wire (nylon covered) fishing leader ... and tied in a snap swivel on the other end. Noose goes tight around button, other end around bar and clips back to itself. On and off in five seconds. Cost: about $0.15. Untested in GPS fall-off bike at high speed conditions; it's never happened. But I'm pretty confident.

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I can't help you with how to tether it but I can tell you if you are using the Garmin plastic cradle a tehter is a good idea. I had mine pop out of the cradle on two occassions. I started duct taping the thing to the cradle because of this. I now use a touratech cradle. It solved this problem once and for all.

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Twilmotte -

If you don't mind my asking, how did you mount your GPS mount to your RCU shelf? I was using the 'extra' auto mount plate but earlier this week, the double sided tape failed and the GPS came flying off. (good or bad, I caught it - if I hadn't, I would have had an excuse to get a newer model!)


So now I'm going to use the Garmin motorcycle mount but haven't figure out a good way to attach it to my RCU shelf. I'd like to make it removable since I don't like the looks of the empty mount there when I'm not using the GPS.





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I took your suggestion and went with a nylon fishing line leader with a safety-pin type hook fastener. I've attached a photo of the set up. I had to drill a 1/16" hole in the mounting base of the Garmin 2610, but I don't think this small hole is going to affect the structural integrity of the mounting base. The other end of the nylon leader is looped around one of the support brackets for the RCU shelf. With this and the power cord it shouldn't fall off the bike if it pops out of the Garmin bracket. (I hope.) cool.gif


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Jerry Johnston

Tom, I think you just gave me an idea, I'll wrap the thether around the base of the Garmin - shouldn't have to even drill a hole.




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