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Fieldsheer Mesh Gear/ Body Armor (followup/review)


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I just received the Fieldsheer gear I ordered, including the "MACH 3" jacket and "Titantium Air" pants. Both are what the doctor ordered. Light and airy for summer riding, and they look good.


Only problem is sizing. They have "short, reg, and tall" inseam sizes (32, 35, and 38 for the 2XL I purchased). The sizes are faithful. When they say 48" chest, they mean 48" chest, when they say 42-44" pants, they mean a waist size of 42-44", and when they say 35 in inseam size ..... well, you'd better be a Basketball player.


Fieldsheer considers a guy with a 28" waist to have a "regular" inseam of 32", but for a fat guy with a 42" waist, 32" is "short". I'm 6'2" tall, and ordered "regular", or an 35" inseam. dopeslap.gif The knee pads sag below my knees.


So, I'm going to either resell these or more likely, have my wife or a tailor do some sewing on them to shorten the upper legs. (I got them via Ebay at close out prices, so they're not going back.)



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