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RT radio/CD player question


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Is the factory radio a separate unit from the factory CD player? In other words, is it an "all-in-one" unit?

In view of the crappy performance of the CD player, I'm hoping to take the cd player out and put that space to better use.



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After reading the numerous posts here about the radio/CD before I got my bike in April, I expected the radio to pick up nothing, and the CD to skip when crossing a white line. My experience has been the exact opposite. That said, I didn't order the bike with it, but when the dealer delivered my new bike without ESA (which I had ordered), the only bike he could find had a radio and I got it for no additional charge (really). All this to say I have no money tied up in it, nor vested interest, so I was pleasantly surprised.

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Once I replaced the antenna (with an automotive unit mounted on the rear rack), the FM reception improved to the point it's as good as any of my cars.. AM is better, but still a bit weak.. The CD skips at times, works fine at others but with XM radio running through the sound system, I don't use the CD much..



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